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Braha Moving Services

If you are looking for moving options, Braha has the right solution for you.

Individual Services

Home furniture removal

Decided to get new furniture? We can come pick up your old furniture for disposal or donation.

Custom crafting
& art handling

Our professionals will help pack, crate, and transport your fine art pieces or any antique items

Piano movers

Our piano professionals will pack and move any Upright, Baby Grand, or Grand Piano with great care

Customer Truck loading/unloading

Did you order your own truck? Braha will still offer professional loading and unloading services.

Packing/unpacking services

We provide quality partial or full packing/unpacking services for any move.

Full Services

With Braha Moving Systems, you can choose any services from our full-service package to customize your moving experience, and to satisfy your personal moving needs.

Residential Moving

Regardless of whether you are moving away from an apartment or house into a different borough, state, or country, Braha can offer you a professional help.

Commercial Moving

Moving from a small start-up to big office, from a corner cafe to luxury restaurant, or from a boutique store to department store? Braha Moving Services can help your business relocate fast, efficiently, and affordably.

Moving Services

For moving between the boroughs, within the boroughs, or just within the building.

If you are changing a city or a state, we are here to help.

Braha offers a door-to-port or door-to-door international moving via ocean freight service

Moving Piano

Whether you are a passionate musician or leisure player, you face a difficult task of having to create a unique plan on how to move the piano into your new home.

There are many pitfalls that need to be taken into consideration while trying to accomplish this task without damaging the instrument. As a result, the majority of people hire piano moving company, certified movers like Braha Moving Systems to provide professional help and to ensure a safe move of the piano.

What Could go Wrong?

Weight – Pianos are very heavy, and different models have a different distribution of that weight, so it is hard to maintain balance while relocating the instrument.

Professional movers have the needed expertise and equipment like special four-wheeled dolly and straps to do the job right.

Planning – Before even considering to move a piano, it is essential to precisely measure all doors, staircases, hallways, and truck dimensions to make sure that the piano will go through without any difficulties.

However, this task can be more challenging than it seems at first sight.

Apart from taking measurements, movers also need to remove every obstacle that could get in the way beforehand, which requires an experienced and skilled eye.

Help - Moving pianos requires not only an in-depth knowledge of the instrument, but also several pairs of trained hands due to support its weight.