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Long Distance Moving

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Across state lines or across the country, our moving experts will make your long distance move affordable and efficient.

If you are looking to move your residence or your business long distance, then you need a company that will go the extra mile for all of your moving and storage needs.

Braha Moving Systems is committed to providing remarkable client service through every step of your interstate move with our full service.

For moves over 250 miles, contact a Braha professional for all specific details and transportation procedures for long distance relocation.

Moving The Family Across The Country? Looking To Move Your Office To A Different City?

Braha’s long distance moving professionals will handle the details to ensure a positive moving experience.

Start by giving us a call and providing a preliminary inventory list.

As a moving company, we provide full moving services to all points of the United States as well as from all the following locations:
  • Richmond, VA
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Atlanta, CA
  • Nashville, TV
  • Orlando, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Columbus, OH
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Dallas, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
When you call to get information on your moving quote, ask about the seasonal discount offered for long distance moves.

Moving Across State Lines & Feeling Overwhelmed?

Moving out of state or across the country can be overwhelming. It almost seems that the more state lines you are crossing increases your level of stress exponentially.

Take a deep breath! And remember to think of the basics just like for any local move, there are key steps to take when planning and executing your move.

Book moving day

Once you know where you are moving to and have decided on a place, make sure your move in date is scheduled and coordinated.

Having these details sorted out is the starting point to determining the rest of your move. It will affect your move out date, scheduling a moving company, and if there is a time period of needing to store your belongings in storage.

After finalizing dates and coordinating the timing of your move,


is the next thing to tackle. When you call a Braha representative, we will inform you that an inventory list is the beginning of our process to complete your move.

Not only does it keep things organized throughout the entire move, but it also gives us an idea of what moving day will look like.

Creating a timeline for your move

Setting the date for your move begins the creation of the timeline for your move. It is important to call a moving company, knowing the date for your move so they can properly prep and schedule you.

In the time leading up to the big day, there are a few things you will need to make sure you got taken care of.

Do you have Pets


Depending on the extent of your long distance move, you will have to properly coordinate moving your furry friend.

More often than not, professional moving companies will not transport animals, so you will have to find another alternative.

If you are driving yourself to your new home, then you will have to plan for your pets to travel with you.

Flying to your new destination?

If you are planning on flying to your new destination, then you will have to figure out transporting your pet by air as well.

If you are heading down this route, it is important to look into these details sooner rather than later, as they usually need to be planned in advance, depending on the conditions of the airline you choose.


Determine all of the paperwork necessary to ensure a smooth move-in day

While some people may be able to pull off a very short DIY local move, it is crucial to hire a moving company for any long distance move.

Long distance moving just simply cannot be done by yourself - from packing to transporting your goods and unpacking once we get there.

Braha is a company that will be with you every step of the way.

Once you have a moving company hired, the next step is to acquire moving insurance. Hiring Braha will ensure that your belongings are transported by a certified and licensed company.

Remember to look into any other insurance plan to cover your move, as well as an insurance policies that are required by the property managers of your destination.

Personal Documentation

The process and deadlines for how to go about doing this may vary state to state, so remember that planning ahead will benefit you in the long run. Put these deadlines on your timeline to keep yourself on track for your move.

Other important paperwork to think about when moving across state lines includes updating your personal information to match your new home state. This includes documents like your license and registration, and any change of address forms.

Keep Yourself Organized

We recommend that you make an inventory list for yourself. Often times, a long distance move is a fresh start.

Take the opportunity to completely go through your belongings, think hard about what you need, what you can discard, potentially donate, and what can maybe move to storage to be saved for a different time of your life.

The other reason this process of decluttering is important is because long distance moves can be expensive, especially when looking into shipping things by air for a cross country move.

Create a Blueprint

When decluttering and downsizing your current space into your new space, it is important to imagine where all of your furniture and belongings will fit.

Keep in mind as well that large furniture pieces are often cheaper to rebuy, rather than pack and transport. This comes into play with items such as outdoor furniture.

Create a blueprint for you new space - determine current furniture will fit nicely and plan for what you will have to buy for the new environment.

This will give you a better idea not only for what to discard or donate, but also help you assimilate to your new home.

I have too many things that I don't want anymore, what can I do?

It is something we all do - grow attached to items of our past. More often than not, we have that pair of skinny jeans we loved in high school, the dress we wore to a college event, and boxes of old papers or mementos collected over the years.

When facing a long distance move and looking to downsize, there is a rule to keep in mind - the One Year Rule.

You want to apply the One Year Rule especially when it comes to downsizing your clothes - if you have not worn it in a year, then it is safe to say that you probably would not be wearing it in your new life across state lines.

While this rule is most likely to be applied to closets and the clothing of one’s household, it is extremely useful for lots of other household items.

Apply & Declutter

That nail polish bottle you have not used in over a year? Toss it. It is probably dried up anyway. Same goes for all those lotion bottles you have received as gifts over the years and rarely used.

The drawer with built up wires & old phone chargers? Discard them all. Chances are, there is one for an old camera you lost a few years ago & another for the old Razr flip phone you used to have back in the early 2000s.

Besides, electronic companies will likely come out with yet another new type of charger you will have to buy in order for your phone to work.

For recent graduates, go through any and all saved schoolwork! If you have not used it in the past year, and it has been kept up in a box in the back of your closet, it will have no use in your new home across state lines!

Enjoy a stroll down memory lane of thinking about old classes, your favorite professor, that grade you were so proud to get back… and then make space for new memories to come in your new place.

Packing To Go

Similarly to a local move, pack up your place one room at a time. Never combine items from two different rooms into one packing box.

If you want to break down your inventory list by room, this can help with time and organization.

Do not pack any essentials that you will need as soon as you arrive at your destination location.

It is important to label all your boxes with either your name or another identifiable marker.

Usually, moving trucks for long distance moves can have items belonging to more than one client.

By having your items and boxes labeled will ensure all your belongings make it to where they are supposed to, and nothing gets misplaced or lost.

Concern for your belongings

  • Remember that Braha also offers packing services in addition to moving your belongings. With a longer move, there is growing concern for the safety of your belongings - especially anything that is fragile, older, and of sentimental value.
  • When you hire Braha, you are hiring movers with over 20 years of experience. Not only do we understand the tricks of packing an organized truck to maximize space, but they understand how to pack even the most fragile belongings.
  • If you have even greater sizes of items, such as grand pianos, call Braha. We will take care of it for you.

With years of experience, we know how big of a project a long distance move is. Moving outside of the city lines means adjusting to a whole new type of world.

Knowing how much of a transition can be, we at Braha want to do everything we can to ease this process for you.

For Long Distance moves, check out the promotional offers available for you. For further information on how you can benefit from these offers, give us a call.

Braha's Promotional Offers For Long Distance Moves

If you need storage throughout the moving process, our climate controlled storage facilities located in New York and New Jersey are available for as long or as short of a time period that you may need.

Do not worry about any of the heavy lifting involved with this, as Braha professionals will gladly transport your belongings to and from the facility for your convenience.

(Call to inquire about discounts available).
  • Free storage
  • Free packing boxes
  • Seasonal discounts

Free storage

Call to see how you can get up to one month free in our climate controlled storage facility, located in New York and New Jersey.

Whether you need some extra space as you look for a new place, or have a bit of a time gap between your move out and move in dates - call to see how our storage facility offers complete support and ease for you throughout your move.

Braha professionals will transport your goods to and from the facility for your convenience.


Free packing boxes

Wardrobe boxes are the best bet for moving, storing, and shipping clothes or garments on hangers, any sporting equipment, and furniture pieces such as dining room chairs.

Small boxes are perfect for moving, storing, and shipping smaller and heavier items. These boxes are ideal for packaging books, small appliances, and canned foods.

Call and just mention "free boxes" to see how you can get: four wardrobe boxes or ten small storage boxes.

Seasonal Discounts

When you call and inquire about your long distance move, ask about what seasonal discounts Braha is offering.

Which Season Is The Best Time Of Year To Move?

Sun Sun Sun Sun

Whether you choose the fall or winter months to take advantage of the real estate and moving deals, or the spring for its cooler weather, or the summer for its longer days, each season has its own list of pros and cons when it comes to moving.

Whatever the season you go with, Braha professionals will be there to make the best of every moving situation.

Moving in Autumn.

Moving in the fall can be difficult if you have children, requiring them to change schools and acclimate to a new environment right at the beginning of the year.

Fall is known however, to have the most enjoyable weather for moving into a new place - it is not bitterly cold out nor is it hot and unpleasant.

It is also a plus to move during this time, especially for residential moving, because you will be settled in and prepared by the time the holiday season comes around.

Moving in Winter

Moving in the cold and snowy months requires much more preparation than any other move.

People looking to move during this time of year should think about waterproofing boxes, as well as salting any sidewalks and driveways to ensure no accidents during moving day.

The unpredictable and frigid weather can also create conditions that may make it unsafe to drive and transport belongs to wherever they need to go.

These cons to moving in the winter bring out the pros as well. Since there is less of a demand to move during these cold months, moving rates tend to be noticeably lower, as well as an increase in availability to schedule your move.

Moving in Spring

March and April are regarded as preferable months to move, since the weather is considerably less harsh than those bitter winter months.

With no snow threatening to postpone moving day, scheduling your move will be easier during this time of year as well.

If your long distance move has you going from one region to another, Spring temperatures may vary , but it’s safe to say that a mild jacket for the chilly, but warming, weather will be all you need.

What to look out for when moving in the spring is mid to late May, which is the beginning of peak moving season.

With more demand, remember to schedule accordingly so that Braha can ensure your move exactly when you need it.

Moving in Summer

Summer break is the best time for families with children in school, as it won’t disrupt the academic year.

Longer days during the summer months are another reason why people favor this time of year for moving because it gives you more hours to move in and move out.

With heightened demand for homes in the summer, this is the peak time of year for residential moves.

May is the beginning of this busy season and it continues through the hot summer months.Since it is such a busy time for moving, it is important to be mindful and plan ahead.

Planning What is Best for You

When planning your move - whether it be residential, commercial, local or long distance - you must evaluate your needs.

If there is a time crunch, you may not be able to choose the season you move, however if you have the liberty to do so, it is important to determine what is most important and prioritize accordingly.

If you are a family with young children, summer may be the best choice for you. If you are single and looking for the route of lowest costs then fall or winter may be better.

Whatever the situation and time of year, Braha professionals have experienced it and will manage move in day with your needs as their priority, ensuring it runs smoothly.