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Local Moving

NYC Moving Company: Braha's Full Local Moving Services

At Braha, we know the industry from the inside out.  We are here to warm your new home from the beginning.

Now that you have found the next place for your life to continue, you are ready to begin your moving process.

Don’t take it all on yourself or just with a man in a van.

Even local NYC moving can be a huge headache, that is why Braha has a heightened focus on customer service.

Whether moving out of your studio apartment, family home, or your company’s office space, Braha’s full local moving services will get you and your belongings into your new place with ease and efficiency.

Our local moving services include both residential and commercial moves.

As a moving company with years of experience, Braha provides local moving services - from same building moves, borough to borough moves, to anything within a 250 mile radius of New York City.

What will we do?

Our full service will take away the headache of your move, so you can focus on the exciting parts of moving.

We will pack, load and move your items into our truck and into your new space.

Give us a call and an idea of what you need to move so we can give you a pre estimate.

From there, we will individually design the price.

After we establish an estimate and have our detailed inventory list, we will set up a date for move. Didn’t have time to get everything packed?

No need to worry, Braha will not only move your things but also handle any packing and unpacking, unlike other NYC moving companies.

Do you have a gap between your move out and move in day?

Braha Storage is your solution when you need a place to store your belongings between moves or if you just need some extra space.

We get it, sometimes things do not line up perfectly. If you have a gap between your move out and move in days, utilize Braha’s climate controlled storage facility.

Our secure and climate controlled facility is located in the convenient location of New York or new Jersey.

Give us a call to determine what we can do to individually design your price for storing your belongings in our facility.

For any type of move, if you need a place to store things, then our facility is your solution.

With 24 hour video surveillance, your belongings will be safe and secure at all times.

We will tag each item to ensure tracking and proper return of all belongings. Copy of inventory list will be provided upon your pickup.

Making it Better

Braha professionals will do the heavy lifting for you and transport your items to the facility and into your new space when it is time. Whether it is an office, house or apartment, if it won't be ready for you to move in for another week no problem - there is no minimum on Braha's storage facility.

If you're moving locally and need a place to keep your things for a short period of time, you can store them at the facility for as little or as long as you need.

Our storage policy allows you to store just about anything you may need.

There are exceptions, however, as we are unable to store hazardous materials, any opened food or cleaning supplies, and living things such as animals and plants.


For preparing a local, residential, or commercial move

It is highly recommended to check out Braha’s tips and tricks to packing and moving.

These tips will prove useful even if it’s a simple move like from a walk-up to highrise, or a street level to a penthouse.

We at Braha want to make your move as easy as it can be, hopefully allowing you to find the fun and excitement of moving to your next adventure!

Whether a studio apartment or a 4 bedroom home, follow these steps for a smooth move in day

Are you a young adult moving out of a studio apartment? A family of 4 moving for dad's new job?

Whatever residential situation you are in, there are universal tips to increase the efficiency of your move in day.

By following these tips, and pairing it with the expertise and professionalism of Braha Movers, you are ensured to have a quick, stress-free, and successful moving day.

  • Create an inventory list by room - a nice organized list makes tracking boxes much easier in the moving process. This list will also help Braha design its price for you. Call for details.
  • Don't pack things belonging in more than one room in one box - keep boxes separated by room
  • Use suitcases with wheels for heavier items, like shoes
  • Ask Braha professionals about the packing supplies we can provide for you to make things run more smoothly on move in day
  • Coordinate move out and move in dates - if there is a period of time that you need to store your stuff, Braha can store any or all of your items in our climate controlled storage facility.

    Even if you are just moving down the block, if you have a week-long gap until your next lease starts, we got you covered.

  • Didn't finish packing? Don't stress! Braha professionals offer packing and unpacking services to finish whatever you need done when we arrive to move you out

Looking to move office spaces?

Braha prides itself on being a NYC moving company that is not limited to residential moves. With our experience in moving office spaces, you can trust your office relocation in the hands of Braha professionals.

Commercial moving can be met with many potential challenges. When you work with Braha, we will work with great care and with close attention to your inventory list to ensure that your office is moved and delivered exactly as expected.

Allow us to help make your Commercial Move go Smoothly.

We understand that in business, time means money.

Whether it is a small office or a large corporate center, time and accuracy are the most important aspects of any organization moving to its new location.

Braha movers are determined to complete your move in the most effective and efficient way as possible.

Follow these simple tips to begin the
moving process with Braha.

Have each department within the office make an inventory list; these will be compiled into a master list which Braha will use to ensure that all items are packed and moved to their new location

Plan for a weekend move, as to not interrupt with business hours

Plan in advance - a full office move can take multiple months to plan, coordinate, and execute

Allow Braha's professionals to pack, handle, and move any fragile items

Strive for maximum efficiency on move in day by allowing employees time to pack their personal belongings at their desks prior to Braha movers coming

Meet with a professional for a free virtual estimate, providing them with as much detail as possible for inventory that needs to be moved - this will give Braha movers a clearer picture for moving day

Remain calm and organized - Braha movers know what their doing and we are excited to help you move into your organization's new home

I’ve decided to Move! Now what?

Once you are decided on a new residential space for you and your family, or a new office space for you and your employees, you are ready to look towards the next steps of the moving process.

The first thing you will want to do is look into moving companies of the city. Your top priorities of selecting a moving company should be experience and insurance. Braha has both - ensuring a stress free and easy move.

Getting the Process Started...

Once you submit for a quote or give us a call, a Braha professional will officially take you along every step of the way through your Braha moving experience. This includes an in-home estimate service.

During this, our movers will gain a better perspective on your current space and the amount of items you will be packing and needing to move.

This begins our inventory list of your items, so we can accurately record and keep track of your items through your move.

This in-home estimate also gives us an idea of the amount of boxes and moving/packing materials will be necessary to complete your move.

Once the in-home estimate is complete, we will coordinate the time and date for your move.

This is when details of your move become important and can affect the way move in day goes. Let us help you optimize these details for you.

Things like packing, ensuring you have all the proper insurance, and making sure your new space is ready for you to arrive are all the details we can help you with.

After handling these administrative details of your move, you can look towards you current space - and figuring out what the heck you are going to do with it all.

Moving is a great time to go through all of your things, get rid of some of the old, make some room for the new, and donate anything you can.

When you begin the packing process, take it a room at a time. In each one, make some piles of what you need to bring to the new space and another of what you can donate.

Do not let yourself get overwhelmed! Packing is a large task, even when you take it room by room.

Braha is here to make sure that your move is completed stress free - from the moment you call us until we bring in the last moving box into your new space.

If you need assistance packing, we've got your back. If we arrive on moving day and you still have a few last things to get into boxes or a few boxes that need to be taped up - no worries, that is what Braha is here to do for you. Do

Worried about Valuables?

We understand that moving is most often times a new experience for people. With over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge on how to pack certain things.

From antique pieces of furniture, to grand pianos, and delicate displays of art or paintings, Braha has the experience and will be able to handle moving any and all valuables you may have.

Decluttering and Looking to Donate?

If you have any homegoods, tools, shoes, clothes you are looking to donate, check out this list of resources you can go to to donate your things!

When completing a move, decluttering and donating old things not only is helpful for you to become more organized but it makes the packing and unpacking process a little easier!

Not only will you feel better and more on top of things, you are also supporting and giving back to your community. That is what we like to call a nice win-win situation.

NYC Organizations open to donations

DonateNYC is an organization that makes it easier for New Yorkers to “donate and find second hand clothes, shoes, accessories, and textiles” easily.

Not limited to NYC residents, DonateNYC is open to nonprofit community organizations as well if they are looking for donations.

New York Cares is an organization that drops off second hand clothes to charities in order to reach out to men, women, and children in need around NYC.

Their annual coat drive has accumulated and distributed 2 million winter coats to New Yorkers in need over the past 30 years.

Beyond the many organizations and nonprofits that accept donations to distribute to New Yorkers in need, you can also bring your items for donation to a church or a class Goodwill Store and Donation Center. Regardless of where you drop your items off, decluttering your space through donating items is an excellent way to prep for you upcoming move! Check out where you can drop off your donations to help out New York Cares.

Don’t do it yourself!

In the midst of Pinterest and Instagram DIY videos, you may be considering a Do-It-Yourself move.

While this approach may be great and creative for some endeavors, DIY moving is just not the best of choices.

With heavy lifting, lots of planning, and many potential problems that may arise, choosing a moving company to handle everything is your best bet.

Heavy Lifting

Don’t underestimate the amount of belongings you own!

The mere size of furniture and the weight that packed clothes adds up to can be overwhelming and sometimes just impossible to move on your own.

Add that onto the obstacle of a few sets of NYC apartment stairs and you will be regretting your DIY choice.

Braha professionals will handle any and all lifting so you don’t have to break your back.

Remember, moving is supposed to be an exciting time, so leave all the hard work for us.

Lots of Planning

Coordinating the logistics to get from point A to point B can cause major headaches. There are also details of organizing moving trucks and making sure they are packed efficiently.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will want the unpacking process to be as smooth as possible.

This is why Braha professionals will pack your belongings and boxes in the truck in the most efficient way for moving into your new residence or office space.

Unexpected Problems

When you are in the middle of a move, the last thing you want to worry about is handling large, awkward and heavy furniture - stressing that your measurements were off and your couch actually will NOT be fitting through the door.

These unexpected problems are stressful to handle on your own.

Braha professionals not only have the experience of these types of issues but also have the expertise on how to react and solve these situations.

It is easy to be bombarded by the abundant amount of choices available for you. Finding a new place in the city is a stressful task already.

Preparing yourself for it can be just as daunting, if not more.

When looking at your options, it is important to think about who knows the city the best, who will be the most supportive, and who has the most experience.

How do I choose a moving company?

Choosing a company is easy when Braha has over 20 years of experience as NYC movers.

Our movers will be there each step of the way, from packing, transporting, the heavy lifting, and all the steps in between.

At the end of the day, Braha is simply here for you to prevent and solve any issues during your move. It will make your move much more of a stress free experience.

Check to See if the Company is Certified and Insured

Beyond our experience, we are a certified and licensed moving Company. Through the New York Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Transportation, Braha is licensed for all moves from local to long distance.

What is a Certificate of Insurance? Do I Need One?

When preparing for your move, it is important to make sure all the details are worked out. One of the most important can be a Certificate of Insurance (COI). A Certificate of Insurance is a document from a moving company’s insurance company.

It establishes the insurance of the moving company and outlines the uses and conditions of the insurance. It includes simple information like the name of the moving company and the street address of the property, but it is extremely important.

Most NYC residential buildings require a COI to insure their own property

Typically, building owners or managers of the property do not want to be held liable for any damages that may occur on the premises during the moving process.

If it is required, you and your moving company will not be allowed on the premises if you do not have the necessary documentation and COI.

Not having all of this straightened out can create delays for your move. Let Braha help you sort it out!