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Do You Have a Gap Between Your Move Out and Move in?

We get it, sometimes things do not line up perfectly. If you have a gap between your move out and move in days, utilize Braha’s climate controlled storage facility.

For any type of move, if you need a place to store things, then our facility is your answer.

Give us a call to determine what we can do to individually design your price for storing your belongings in our facility.


Our secure and climate controlled facility is located in the convenient location of Manhattan. With 24 hour video surveillance, your belongings will be safe and secure at all times. With an inventory list, we will tag each item so ensure tracking and proper return of all belongings.

Braha professionals will do the heavy lifting for you and transport your items to the facility and into your new space when it is time. Whether it is an office, house or apartment, if it won't be ready for you to move in for another week - no problem - there is no minimum on Braha's storage facility.

If you're moving locally and need a place to keep your things for a short period of time, you can store them at the facility for as little or as long as you need.

Storage Policy

Our storage facility allows you to store just about anything you may need.

There are exceptions, however, as we are unable to store hazardous materials, any opened food or cleaning supplies, and living things such as animals and plants.

Climate-Controlled Storage

(What It is and How It Helps)

The optimal climate in Braha's storage units is set to have a temperature between 55- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity of 55%.

Have you always wondered what does climate-controlled storage means, and why is it better than regular storage? As the name suggests, Braha Moving Systems has full control over its storage’s climate, specifically its temperature and humidity.

Our facilities use high-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems with dehumidifiers to keep your personal belongings from any damage caused by extreme surrounding conditions.

In short, climate-controlled storage facilities provide a higher degree of protection than regular storage rooms. Such qualities are particularly important when you plan a long-term or year-round storage.

Extreme Climate


Extreme heat can damage your furniture by forcing it to expand and crack. Moreover, it can devalue expensive wine or melt CDs or DVDs.

  • Wine -> turns cloudy and brown
  • DVDs, CDs, Vinyl -> melts

Extreme Cold


On the other hand, cold weather can freeze and crack many items due to its retained moisture.

  • Electronics -> damage

Extreme Humidity


Extreme humidity makes the facility more prone to mold, bacteria, and pests.

  • Metal -> rust
  • Books, photographs -> gets ruined, fades
  • Fabric, art, toys -> grows mold

Why Would You Need a Storage Unit?


When moving, you can stumble upon many obstacles that can be solved by renting a storage unit:

a) If you need to move away from your home before you can move into the new one.

b) Working abroad can be a very exciting opportunity. However, even if you are moving away for an extended period of time, do not throw away everything you own. Rent small storage and keep any items with sentimental value there until you come back!

c) After moving in with your partner, the apartment can get cluttered as a result of having everything twice. If your home cannot fit everything, rent a storage room, and move any excess belongings there.

d) While selling your house, the real estate agent may ask you to get rid of some items that do not necessarily look good while showing the house. Braha understands that you do not want to throw everything in the garbage. Thus, rent small storage, so you can get everything back after you moved into your new home!


Save Money

Renting large offices can get expensive, especially in New York City, and many businesses can be fully operational even without an actual office. However, they still need space to store their material, archives, and equipment. Therefore storage, which offers much lower rates than any office rental, is the answer.

Instead of expanding and renting another office, or relocating to a bigger one, rent storage to get rid of anything that takes up too much space.

Prime Location and Flexibility

Many contractor businesses drive all around the city to provide their services to clients. To stay competitive, they need to be organized and efficient to fulfill as much business as possible.

So, having a convenient material/equipment storage space location is crucial. Additionally, having more than one storage location can improve the efficiency of the contractor business significantly.

Business Centers

Some storage facilities provide even office spaces with internet and phone line connection, needless to say, that their cost is incomparable to traditional offices.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From Longterm Commercial Storage the Most?


Realtors tend to have a lot of bulky promotional materials and signs, which take up much space.

However, they cannot be stored in the office since it needs to remains clean, professional, and presentable, and wardrobes in the home have only a limited capacity.

All things considered, the best solution is to rent small storage near the office and put all the materials there.


Any home service business has to face the constant struggle of where to put all their equipment, materials, and vans. It is difficult to find a spot where they would be readily available but did not stand in the way at the same time.

That being the fact, this type of business benefits most by renting auto storage or storage with drive-in, where a car can pull up right in front of the storage unit.

E-commerce Businesses and Brick and Mortar

Both online (retail business) and offline companies want to create the best customer experience and offer as many choices as possible for their customers.

As a result, they need a lot of space to store their inventory.

Especially offline businesses need to be careful about where to store their merchandise, so they do not diminish the quality of the shopping environment with unnecessary clutter.

What to Look for When Choosing Storage?

On-site Security

To keep your car safe, make sure to ask what are all the security features implemented on the premises.

For example, video surveillance, security guard, or an entry passcode are great from keeping any unauthorized person from entering, therefore preventing thefts and damage to your belongings.

Convenience / location

When considering what storage to choose, many factors are influencing your decision, but the location is at the top of the list. Find a storage facility that is close to your home so that you can drop by anytime you need it.

24-hour and Drive-up Access

Another features to look at is whether there is 24-hour and drive-up access. Drive-up access ensures that you can move your vehicle without any equipment or machinery.

Electronic Gate

The electronic gate is not only convenient, but it also reinforces the storage facility’s security. Since everyone is given a personal access code, no one can get in without it.

How to Organize Your Storage?


The first step to every successfully organized storage is to keep track of everything that goes in and out. Though it is hard to forget you put a bed in the unit, small items like pictures or decorations will easily slip your mind.

Therefore, create a master spreadsheet that will include all the items stored in the facility. That way, you will know what is still in the storage, and what might have been added.

Alternatively, you can take pictures of everything that you want to move, and later on, it will serve as a reference for the unit’s inventory.


Labeling is essential to make any moving process more organized.

  • Create color-coded labels, based on which room the content of the box belongs to
  • List what is inside – be specific rather than vague.
  • Invest in a label maker if you want to be efficient, and make the labels look professional.

Group Similar Items Together

Once you know what belongings will go into the storage facility, the best way to prepare for moving is to separate them into general groups of similar items.

For example, pack all the holiday decorations together, as well as all winter clothes, or any crafting material. It will be much easier to remember where all the items are packaged or to track where something you forgot is.

Clear Boxes

Consider using clear plastic boxes instead of cardboard ones. Even though they are more expensive, it will be much easier to see what is inside and worth every penny! Moreover, they are especially useful for items you need to access frequently.


As for the organization of the boxes, furniture, and other items in the storage unit, start by deciding which boxes can go in the back and which ones will be accessed more often.

Once you have a clear idea, start vertically stacking the heavy boxes at the very back of the room and put the lighter ones on top.

Next on the list is to disassemble all large furniture, so it does not take as much space and stack them to the sides of the storage, vertically if possible.

Lastly, finish by moving in the boxes you determined will be frequently accessed at the very beginning.



Moving boxes are the first and the most important when thinking about packing supplies. It is a good idea to get boxes of different sizes for various purposes.

Small ones are handy for heavy items like books, documents, or appliances.

Medium-sized boxes are very versatile for any little things like the inside of a drawer and shoes. Large boxes, on the other hand, are the best for bulky light items like clothing.

However, if you plan to store your belongings in the facility for an extended period, consider using only medium boxes, so they are more easily stacked and organized.

Also, clear containers will make it easier to recognize what is inside, if you know you will access those items often.


Make sure to use extra strong packing tape (especially for the bottom of the boxes), not the cheapest one. Trust us, the last thing you want is for your boxes to open while carrying them and chase your W-2 on the street.


For any fragile items, use bubble wrap or packing wrap. However, be careful when using the newspaper as the ink could bleed out on your belongings.

Colored sharpies, labels, colored stickers



To protect your hands

For furniture


For screws from disassembled furniture or other small easily lost items

For anything you don’t want to take with you

To clean the apartment and furniture from the worst dirt