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Which NYC Borough has the Cheapest Cost of Living?

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Posted On : May 13, 2015

While the cost of living in New York City has gone up quite a bit in the past decade or so, there still are plenty of affordable places to live that offer easy access to all of the things that make New York great. It’s true that Manhattan is still considered the most expensive borough to live in, but each of the five boroughs has its own hidden gems when it comes to affordability, safety, and things to do. Property values are constantly changing—what was considered cheap five years ago might be more expensive now due to an influx of young professionals who can no longer afford to live in Manhattan. So while it can be difficult to isolate one particular borough as the most affordable, it is possible to pick one that has plenty to offer the budget-conscious: Queens.

                Just like everywhere else, some areas of Queens are more expensive than others. Young people who can no longer afford to live in parts of Brooklyn are now looking to Queens, which actually has the effect of raising market values there. However, Queens still has neighborhoods with plenty to offer both young and single people and families alike. Let’s take a look at some of the best neighborhoods in Queens for your money.

Astoria. If you work in Manhattan but need an affordable place to call home, Astoria is a great place to search for an apartment. You can find an apartment for around $2000 a month, maybe less. If you’re looking to buy, condos and co-ops sell for around $400,000 to $500,000. But remember that Astoria isn’t really like the suburbs, so you might have trouble finding a parking spot for your car. However, this urban neighborhood has a vibrant nightlife and plenty of fine dining to choose from.

Glendale. If you are seeking something with more of a suburban feel, check out Glendale. This middle-class community of professionals and families is known for its detached homes with large yards, tree-lined streets, and easy access to the M and L lines. You can find a one-bedroom apartment here for about $1500 to $2000 per month, and detached single-family homes go for about $500,000.

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Long Island City. Just a five-minute ride away from Manhattan on the 7 train, Long Island City has a wide variety of housing options available. What is your preference—an apartment, a condo, or perhaps a brownstone? You’ll find all of these in Long Island City, along with art galleries, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Sunnyside. Another great option for those who want to remain close to Manhattan, Sunnyside overlooks the East River and is easily accessible by the 7 train. Rental prices are cheap, too: a two-bedroom apartment can go for as low as $1500 per month. Sunnyside is a quiet community that doesn’t have a lot of nightlife, but for families looking for a safe neighborhood with above-average public schools, Sunnyside is a pretty good bet.

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