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Top Reasons for Moving to Austin, Texas

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Posted On : Sep 03, 2015

If you haven’t heard, everyone you know is moving to Austin, Texas. Austin is the country’s fastest growing city, welcoming about 150 new residents every single day. If so many people are flocking to this Texas city, they must have their reasons, right? It’s true that Austin is a very livable city. With a vibrant nightlife, low crime, and many employment options, Austin is the perfect city for college grads looking for a new job, young couples, and even retirees. Here are some of the best things that make Austin such a great city to call home.

  1. The weather. You can’t beat the weather in Austin. If you’re leaving behind a rainy or cold climate to move here, you can take comfort in the fact that Austin is one of the sunniest cities in America, with over 100 sunny days each year.
  2. The jobs. For many people moving to this Texas capital, finding a job is their number one concern and everything else is just added benefits. Austin has recently been named one of the best cities in the U.S. for job creation. Many tech companies are headquartered in Austin, and others based in Silicon Valley have decided to open up another office in Austin for tax breaks.
  3. The low cost of living. There’s nothing better than finding a great job in a town that’s cheap to live in. For now at least, Austin has a very low cost of living, much lower than that of East Coast or West Coast cities. Austin consistently ranks very high in U.S. city affordability rankings, where the average wages are measured against the cost of living. Austin has a higher cost of living than Houston or Dallas, but Texas is generally less expensive than other states overall.
  4. The real estate. Austin wasn’t really affected by the real estate boom and bust as much as other cities were a few years ago. This means that home prices have been steadily on the rise in Austin, but they’re still affordable. So the sooner you move here, the more you can cash in on your home purchase later.
  5. The food. Whether you’re looking for upscale dining for a romantic night out or some of the best tacos you’ve ever had, Austin has great places to find a bite to eat in all corners of the city.
  6. The music. There’s a reason that Austin has been dubbed the Live Music Capital of the World. On just about any day of the week, you can take your pick from dozens of live acts all over the city—in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, or just on the street. Aside from all of the daily live music, there are many music festivals to visit throughout the year.
  7. The walk- and bike-ability. Instead of bringing your car to Austin, maybe you should just bring your bike. Austin has an extensive bikeway and walkway plan that makes it easy to get around the city with a bike or just your feet.
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