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Things to Consider when Relocating for a New Job

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Posted On : Aug 19, 2015

      Are you planning on relocating to a new home to work at your dream job? First of all, congratulations! Jobs that are worth relocating for can be some of the most rewarding experiences. You’ll be able to meet new coworkers, make new friends, and explore a new part of the country. Just like any move, moving for a new job comes with a fair share of stress along with the excitement. But as long as you keep in mind these few tips when relocating for a new job, you’ll be adjusting to your new career path in no time.

      Ask your new employer about relocation services. Most employers are happy to provide services to new employees who are relocating to work for them. Many people think that these services just include the cost of the move. But many companies go beyond the cost of moving and will provide assistance with the expenses associated with finding a new home, auto transportation, selling your current home, and even job placement for a spouse. Be sure to ask your new employer about all of these things, even if you don’t think they will be available. If you have heard that the company doesn’t typically provide relocation services, don’t be afraid to negotiate for it. Just be sure to provide a detailed estimate of the cost of moving.

      Find a reputable mover. Be sure to research moving companies that have experience with interstate moving and check out their online reviews. Get a written estimate that describes your move in detail. The sooner you start looking for a mover, the more options you will find.

      Research your new city before the move. Set aside some time to explore your new area to find out what the city is like. Visit different neighborhoods and try to get a feel for the ones that fit your lifestyle the best. Read the local newspaper, watch the local news, and talk with the locals. You should also research things like the cost of living, crime rate, and local ordinances (is recycling required by law, etc.) that might be different from what you are used to.

      Consider renting over buying—at least at first. Every new job comes with surprises, and hopefully the majority of them will be pleasant ones. However, it might be a good idea to not make any long-term commitments to the area at first. Even if the job goes very well, you will learn more about the area after you live there for a year or two, meaning that you can make better informed decisions when it comes to buying a home.

      Build a social and professional network. This is also known as “making new friends.” Use your existing social networks like Facebook to find old friends that might be nearby. LinkedIn is a great way to find professional events to help mingle and learn new things about your field. Sure, you’ll be making new friends with your coworkers, but it’s good to build a social circle outside of work, too.

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