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The Top 5 Midwest Cities That People Are Moving To

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Posted On : Mar 05, 2015

Are you thinking of heading west? The Midwest is growing, and for good reason. Homes are affordable and the cost of living is low in many Midwest cities. Let’s take a look at some of the best cities in the Midwest to consider moving to.

1.      Carmel, Indiana. Just a short drive from downtown Indianapolis, Carmel is a very safe and livable town with rising home prices. Buying a home here won’t be cheap, as the median home value is over $285,000. But Carmel residents can afford their homes, as the median household income is over $104,000. The city also has one of the lowest crime rates on record: 13.4 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. The educational system here is strong and there are plenty of restaurants and shopping opportunities in the city’s Arts and Design District. There’s also over 500 acres of parkland to enjoy.

2.      Evanston, Illinois. With a median household income of nearly $70,000 and a low crime rate, many people are looking toward this Chicagoland suburb as a great place to settle down. Situated on the shore of Lake Michigan just a few miles north of downtown Chicago, Evanston is a short commute away from a huge metropolitan base with plenty of available jobs in many different markets. Evanston has a very well-educated population, with over two-thirds of all adults having at least a bachelor’s degree. Evanston is also the home to Northwestern University, one of the top universities in the US.

3.      Edmond, Oklahoma. About 15 miles outside of Oklahoma City is the town of Edmond, home to approximately 85,000 people. The city has a relatively low unemployment rate of 3.9% and the median household income is just over $70,000. Jobs are growing there, too: between 2011 and 2013, total employment of Edmond residents rose over 5%, which is better growth than most US cities. Just to the east of Edmond sits Arcadia Lake, which offers camping, boating, swimming, and horseback riding trails.

4.      Naperville, Illinois. Situated along the DuPage River about 30 miles outside of Chicago, Naperville has one of the highest levels of median household income at nearly $110,000. Almost two-thirds of Naperville residents have completed a bachelor degree and students in the Naperville education system outperform their peers in language arts, math, and science on standardized tests. Downtown Naperville is also home to plenty of restaurants and shops. As you might expect, home prices are a bit high in this affluent town, with the median home value hovering around $360,000.

5.      Olathe, Kansas. Although Kansas might be the beginning of Plains territory, this town just outside of Kansas City, MO has more in common with the Midwest than it does the Great Plains. Olathe’s local economy has improved greatly in recent years, boosting employment by over 14% since 2011. The typical household income of $77,000 is about 50% higher than the overall median income for the state. Housing is fairly inexpensive, too, with the median home price just over $190,000.

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