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The Safest Neighborhoods to Live in New York City

Safest Place in New York

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Posted On : Nov 27, 2014

Crime has dropped dramatically in New York City over the past few decades, but like everywhere else in the world, some neighborhoods are safer than others. How safe is your neighborhood? There are a few ways of looking at safety as far as neighborhoods go, taking into account all sorts of crime stats collected by the New York Police Department. The NYPD collects crime rates on about 250 neighborhoods, classifying the crimes as either violent or non-violent crime.

One set of stats that many people use when determining how safe a neighborhood is the rate of violent crime. Violent crime includes robbery, assault, rape, and murder. If you look at simply violent crime stats, these are the 10 safest neighborhoods in New York City, according to addressreport.com:

  1. Sutton Place (Manhattan)
  2. Malba (Queens)
  3. Beekman (Manhattan)
  4. Battery Park City (Manhattan)
  5. Belle Harbor (Queens)
  6. City Island (Bronx)
  7. Carnegie Hill (Manhattan)
  8. Fresh Meadows (Queens)
  9. Tudor City (Manhattan)
  10. Roosevelt Island (Manhattan)

safest neighborhoods nyc

There are plenty of Manhattan neighborhoods on there, but If you went further down the list you’d see that Queens actually has 9 of the 20 safest neighborhoods on the list. While Manhattan neighborhoods have a fair showing on the top 10 safest list, you would also see other neighborhoods in the borough pop on the list of neighborhoods with the worst crime, too. The Theater District / Times Square, Union Square, and the Meatpacking district all find themselves on the bottom 20 most dangerous neighborhoods in Manhattan. You may have already guessed why: all of these neighborhoods tend to be flooded with tourists.

Another thing to consider is that while the Meatpacking district feels relatively safe, the amount of nightclubs in the area might have something to do with the crime rate. As addressreport.com puts it, “we believe the assault rate is probably less a symptom of resident-on-resident crime than it is a case of late-night drunken club-goer vs. drunken club-goer confrontations.”

Another way to look at how safe a neighborhood is by taking into account the non-violent crime rate. While violent crime can be scary to think about, it’s much more infrequent than non-violent crime, which includes things like car theft, burglary, and vandalism. The non-violent crime rate also varies much more between neighborhoods; and neighborhoods with a violent crime rate probably also suffer from non-violent crime, as well. It’s unlikely that an area would be rife with murder and assault, but be free and clear from theft and vandalism.

Taking a look at non-violent crime rates, we can say that the safest neighborhoods in the city are:

  1. Roosevelt Island (Manhattan)- 2.401
  2. Bellerose (Queens) - 2.48
  3. Glen Oaks (Queens) - 3.96
  4. Pomonok(Queens) - 3.98
  5. Beekman (Manhattan) - 3.99
  6. Battery Park City (Manhattan) - 4.33
  7. Beechurst/Whitestone (Queens) - 4.83
  8. Borough Park (Brooklyn) - 4.87
  9. Bergen Beach (Brooklyn) - 4.88
  10. Midwood Park (Brooklyn) - 4.92

The numbers are non-violent crimes per 1000 residents. Once again, Queens comes out on top with 3 of the top 5 safest neighborhoods.

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