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The 10 Least Expensive States to Live In

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Posted On : Sep 29, 2014

   We all know that certain cities have a high cost of living, such as New York and Los Angeles. But where are the least expensive places to live? Call a long-distance mover right now if you want find somewhere cheap to live. Here is a list of the 10 least expensive states to live in:

10. South Carolina. The Palmetto State comes in as the 10th least expensive state to live in. A half-gallon of milk will only set you back $2.69 and the average monthly energy bill is only about $170. The average home price is a bit steep, however: $323,466.

9. Tennessee.Home to Jack Daniels, a dollar goes a long way in Tennessee. The average doctor’s visit costs less than $100 and you can buy a T-bone steak for less than nine dollars. The cost of housing is cheap, too. You can buy a home for an average cost of $217,000.

8. Alabama. Tied with Indiana, the home to the greatest rivalry in college football is also very inexpensive to live in. The average home price in Tuscaloosa is only $214,000.

7. Indiana. Just as inexpensive as number 8 on this list, Indiana has a very low cost of living. A half-gallon of milk only costs $2.17 and the average cost of a home in the Evansville area is $252,000.

6. Mississippi.The Magnolia State boasts inexpensive medical care and utility bills. The average cost of a doctor’s visit is $81.78 and a monthly energy bill runs about $165.74. A home in the Hattiesburg area costs about $233,000 on average.

5. West Virginia.Aptly named the Mountain State, West Virginia is home to some of the most scenic views of the Appalachian Mountains. Medical care is extremely affordable there, too. You’ll pay an average of $84.43 for an optometrist, $90.33 for a doctor and $72.04 for a dentist.

4. Louisiana. Home to some of the country’s finest fresh seafood, a doctor’s visit in Louisiana will only cost an average of $77.67 and your monthly energy bill will only cost $152. The average home price in the New Orleans area runs about $277,000.

3. Oklahoma. If you live in the Sooner State, you’ll pay less than $150 a month for energy on average. Housing is affordable, too, at an average of $277,000 for a home in the Lawton area.

2. Arkansas.The low cost of living in Arkansas will allow you plenty of extra money to take weekend trips to the state’s beautiful natural areas, such as the Ozark Mountains. A half-gallon of milk only costs $2.08.

1. Kentucky. If you love bourbon, fried chicken, bluegrass music, and inexpensive living, Kentucky is the place for you. A home in the Bowling Green metro area only costs $244,000 and the average cost of a doctor’s visit is less than $90.

(All average price data is courtesy of the Council for Community and Economic Research C2ER Cost of Living Index, 2013, by way of CNBC.)

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