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Moving to Canada? Braha Moving Is at Your Service.

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Posted On : Apr 09, 2015

Have you decided to relocate to America’s neighbor to the north? Congratulations – whether it’s for work or personal reasons, moving to Canada has a lot to offer. However, if you’re an American citizen moving to Canada, there are a few legal issues to confront before you make the move. So it’s important to make sure you have all of your paperwork cleared away before you make the move. While you work on that, you can trust Braha Moving to take care of all the logistical aspects of the move. Braha Moving has the knowledge and experience you need for your move to Canada so you can remain focused on your personal immigration matters and not the move itself.

               The easiest way to be allowed to immigrate to Canada is having secured a job first, as immigration officials look upon the already employed much more favorably. There are several different classes available to apply for to be a resident of Canada. By far the most effective class to apply for is the skilled worker class. To be eligible for immigration as a skilled worker, you must demonstrate work experience and education in a certain field in which you will be likely to find work within the country. If you have been hired by a Canadian business, the skilled worker class is probably the class you will be admitted under. Other classes include immigration opportunities for family members, entrepreneurs, and adoptions. Once you have been in the country as an admitted resident for 3 years, you can apply to become a citizen of Canada.

               When you’re done sorting out all of the details about immigrating to Canada, it will be time to find a mover with experience in international moves to Canada. This is where Braha Moving comes in. Braha Moving’s international moving experts will handle every aspect of your move north, from the initial estimate to arranging your boxes and furniture in your new home. As soon as you choose Braha Moving to move you to Canada, you will be assigned a dedicated moving assistant who will coordinate every last detail of your move, from the arrival time on move-out day to the final inspection on moving-in day.

               On the day of your move, Braha Moving will send over at least two expert movers to pack up your home in the truck. These experienced movers will have moving pads and blankets at their disposal, and will disassemble all of your furniture, wrapping in the pads and securely packing it for the move across the border. All of your boxes and other items will be arranged with the utmost care to assure their safety during the trip. And because Braha Moving is experienced with moves to Canada, you can be sure that crossing the border with your belongings will be a breeze. Your moving assistant will coordinate with you to make sure that all necessary paperwork and declarations are completed beforehand.

               Once you arrive at your destination, all of your furniture will be reassembled and the boxes will be arranged in a way that makes it simple to move in to your new Canadian home. 

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