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Moving in NYC Isn’t Easy…Unless You Get the Right Moving Company

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Posted On : Feb 05, 2015

If you have a walkup apartment in New York City, you know that bringing more than a couple of bags of groceries up to your apartment is no simple feat. Moving your entire apartment to another location probably seems like a logistical nightmare. But there’s no need to worry. In a city of 8.4 million people with a population that continues to grow, it’s pretty obvious that people are managing to move into and around the city. The trick is to follow a few simple tips to make your move go as smooth as possible. The first step is finding the right people to help you move.

                If you’re moving to NYC from somewhere else, make sure that you find a mover who has been doing moves around the city for a while. Navigating the city’s streets, keeping ahead of traffic patterns and busy times, and understanding all of the parking regulations in New York are all important to make your move as hassle free as possible. As much as you try to research all of these things yourself, you’ll never quite have the knowledge of an experienced mover who has been up and down many flights of stairs throughout all five boroughs of the city. Find the right mover that you can trust, and a load is (literally) taken off your shoulders.

                If you have heavy furniture or electronics like large televisions, wouldn’t you rather put them in the hands of qualified movers than your friends? Even if you’re lucky enough to have friends who don’t suddenly find themselves booked for the weekend when you tell them you need help moving, it’s best to trust the big (and expensive) stuff from your move with the professionals. Sure, your friends may want to help, but they don’t have the same experience as professional movers when it comes to negotiating narrow stairwells and hallways. Plus, if you have insured your belongings for the move (which you definitely should do) your stuff is protected in the event that something unfortunate happens. But a mishap is much less likely when you trust the professionals. On the other hand, if your generous friend accidentally drops your flat screen TV, it’s a little awkward to ask them to pay for it.

                Be sure to ask your moving company for a quote in writing before signing any contracts. If you’re moving to the city from out of state, make sure that you receive a bill of lading, too. It’s definitely a good idea to purchase moving insurance, especially if you have expensive items that might be difficult to replace. To cut down on cost for both the moving estimate and the insurance, take only what you absolutely need to your new apartment. You’ll feel better about casting off unwanted things like old clothes, books, and small furniture items by donating them. Getting rid of stuff now means that you’ll have more space once you arrive at your new home, too.

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