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How to Deal with Relocation Depression

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Posted On : Sep 09, 2015

Nobody moves for pure fun. Sure, it’s exciting to consider new living spaces and new opportunities, but that excitement is sometimes eclipsed by all of the realities that come along with a move. Finding a new home, acquainting yourself with new friends, and just learning your way around your new city can be a lot of work. These things can be draining on anybody. But for some people, all of these things can lead to something more serious than common stress: depression. Relocation depression is a serious issue that affects many people after a move. Let’s outline what causes relocation depression, look at a few ways to tell if you are suffering from depression related to your move, and learn how to deal with it.


Causes of Relocation Depression

Even if you didn’t move to another country, you may have experienced a bit of culture shock when you arrived in your new city. If you lived in your previous city for a long time, you got used to the ways people talked and got along. These things might not be the same in your new area. Another cause of depression after a move is missing your loved ones. Friends and family who were once nearby could be thousands of miles away. While you’re still trying to make new friends you may experience feelings of isolation.


Symptoms of Relocation Depression

            The symptoms of relocation depression are very similar to any other type of depression. The tricky part is that because moving briefly turns so much of your world upside-down, you might mistake depression for the normal growing pains of adjusting to your new home. If you have noticed that you are sleeping a lot more than before and have lost interest in hobbies that you used to love, you might be suffering from depression. Other symptoms include not wanting to leave the house and a lack of interest in social interactions.


Overcoming Relocation Depression

            You shouldn’t feel guilty about feeling depressed after your move. Depression affects many people and it’s perfectly reasonable to be shaken up by your new living situation. But it’s important to take action to help yourself feel better. The first thing you can do is try really hard to meet new people, even if you are put off by the idea. You could introduce yourself to your new neighbors and even host a small housewarming party. Find out what your coworkers do for fun. Take a class at the local library or YMCA. There are lots of ways to meet new people, even if it seems daunting at first.

            Another important thing to do is really acquaint yourself with your new city. Everything will seem unfamiliar at first, but if you look hard enough, you’re almost certain to find new parks, museums, or sports teams that will spark your interest.

            Finally, keep in touch with your friends and family from your previous home. It’s easy to stay in touch nowadays, and keeping in close contact with those you know you best is a great way to avoid feeling isolated until you have a strong network of friends in your new home.

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