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Posted On : Oct 16, 2014

      When it comes to moving, everyone seems to want to be a do-it-yourselfer. Nearly everyone has moved themselves into a new place by just borrowing a friend’s truck or stuffing the car full of their possessions. What reason would they have to think they couldn’t do it once again? Many people have the misconception that hiring a professional moving company is only something rich people can afford to do. Not true! In fact hiring movers for your long-distance move or even your local move is actually the smart investment.

                At the very least, it’s worth getting an estimate from a moving company before you decide to do everything yourself. Ask for a written quote from professional movers and consider the incredible convenience that it would buy for you. Then, consider all of the hypothetical things that could go wrong if you decide to move yourself. For instance, what if you or someone else got hurt during the move? If you were hurt, you might need to take time off from work, or worse. If a generous friend helping you move was hurt, you could be held liable for their injuries. Either way, not the best circumstances in which to plan a housewarming party.

                Another downside to consider about a do-it-yourself move is renting the truck. Advertisements for rental trucks like to tell you that you can get a huge truck for as little as $20 per day. But once you add the mileage charges, the cost to refuel, and renting things like moving pads and a hand truck, the costs begin to skyrocket. Even a local move with a rental truck can easily climb into the hundreds of dollars, especially if you have to make more than one trip. And don’t forget about the dangers of low underpasses and trying to parallel park a behemoth of a vehicle that you’re not used to driving.                

                One more thing to consider is that you’re probably not as skilled at packing a truck as you think you might be. Think back for a moment: what item was scratched or broken during your last move? When you call professional movers for full-service moving, you’re calling someone who packs trucks and properly protects other people’s belongings for a living. A full-service moving company will simply take care of all of this for you while you worry about planning where to put all of your furniture.

                Finally, think of the time that hiring a full-service moving company will save you. Not only will you not have to worry about packing up and unloading the truck on moving day, you can effectively leave your home intact longer while you wait for the pros to come in and pack it up. That’s much better than spending weeks living out of boxes before you move. So call a local mover for a quote on moving service today, and enjoy your new home in comfort later, knowing that you saved yourself from a sore back.

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