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Help Your Pets Deal with the Stress of Moving

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Posted On : Oct 09, 2014

      Changing residences is constantly on the list of the most stressful experiences in life; at least it is for humans. If they made a list of stressful life events for pets, moving would be somewhere near the top. Just like people, pets become used to their surroundings. Unlike people, pets rarely see the incentive to move to a nicer house or a new town so their owners can find a better job. While it might be difficult to explain these motivations to your cat or dog, there are ways to help them ease into the transition of a new home.

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  1. Have a plan for yourself. Before you worry about your pets, make sure you have a moving plan outlined for yourself. Change all of your addresses with the credit card companies and utilities, forward your mail, and gather all of the information you need to turn on utilities at your new home. Once you have your stress out of the way, it will be easier to focus on helping your pet make the transition.
  2. Slowly adjust your pets to the idea of moving. The ASPCA recommends leaving one room unpacked just for your dogs or cats while you’re packing up your home. This will allow them to have a familiar room to seek refuge while everything else in the house is changing.
  3. Make arrangements for your pets on moving day. Ask a friend to pet-sit or make boarding reservations on the day of the move. This will help keep your pets out of the way when your local moving company is moving heavy objects out of the house. You might not even need to board them overnight. Many places have pet daycare to keep them occupied for a few hours.
  4. Do some pet preparation at your new home. Before you pick up your pets from your friend’s house or the boarding place, examine your new home for anything that might be dangerous for your pet. Prepare a room with food, water, and their favorite toys. Just like you did when you moved out of your old home, this special place just for them can give them some sense of familiarity while they get used to the idea of a new home.
  5. Allow them to get acquainted with their new surroundings. When you bring them home, open their carrier and allow them to get out and explore on their own. You might want to start in the room you’ve set up for them.
  6. Update ID tags and call the new veterinarian. Find a vet that you want to try in the area and make an appointment for a checkup. Get new ID tags with your new contact info on them. If you pet is microchipped, make sure you contact the agency or vet who installed the microchip to have that information updated as well.
  7. Spoil your pet! Make time to play a little more with your pet and give them their favorite treats to let them know that they’re welcome in the new home.
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