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Best Areas to Live in the Bay Area

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Posted On : Jan 02, 2015

Are you considering moving to the Bay Area? From gold mining pioneers to the recent tech boom, San Francisco has always been a destination for people who are looking to make a change in their lives and in the world. But figuring out which neighborhood to live in might be daunting for newcomers. Here are the top Bay Area neighborhoods to consider if you’re planning a trip out west.

  1. Mission District. Currently one of the hippest neighborhoods in San Francisco, the Mission is full of vibrant nightlife and eclectic restaurants serving all kinds of fare, but also some of the best Mexican food around. After dinner, you can walk a block or two and find great shopping, art galleries, and bookstores. The neighborhood is populated with a pretty diverse blend of families, young professionals, as well as blue-collar workers. Because it’s so close to downtown and has great access to public transportation, the Mission is a very desirable neighborhood in San Francisco.
  2. Mission Bay. If you want to surround yourself with single, young professionals in the city’s booming tech industry, Mission Bay is the place for you. The neighborhood itself is one of the city’s newest areas. In fact, much of it is still under construction, even though $4 billion has already been spent on developing it. There are plenty of brand new high-rise condominiums, restaurants, nightlife spots and shopping areas. If you land a job in Silicon Valley, you can use the neighborhood’s Caltrain station to commute to work each day.
  3. Noe Valley. Thisonce-quiet neighborhood is located just south of the Castro and West of the Mission. Popular with young professionals and young families, Noe Valley is rapidly becoming gentrified and prices are rising. The neighborhood’s 24th street is a busy area with plenty of places to eat and shop.
  4. Orinda. Located in the East Bay, just north of Oakland, is the community of Orinda. Families flock to Orinda for their top-notch public school system that includes schools like Miramonte, a top-ranked public high school. This community is full of beautiful custom-built homes that set it apart from other cookie-cutter neighborhoods. Orinda is separated from Oakland by the Caldecott Tunnel.
  5. Berkeley. Also in the East Bay area is Berkeley, which has more to offer than its liberal politics and university of the same name. Berkeley has many restaurants headed up by famous chefs as well as plenty of shopping. The Berkeley Reparatory Theatre is one of the area’s most respected theater companies, as well.
  6. Palo Alto. Another East Bay college town, Palo Alto is also home to many startup tech companies, including one you may have heard of: Facebook. Between all of the techies and the students at Stanford University, the town has a young and hip feel to it. University Avenue is packed full of bars and restaurants, too. The neighborhood is a mix of students, faculty, families, venture capitalists, and other professionals.
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